Australian Chemist Golf Carnival 2021

A message from the President of Queensland Chemists Golf Club…
Well, it’s the middle of the week and in a different world, we would be halfway through our ACGA 2020 carnival in Tasmania.
It’s about now we would be relaxing back reminiscing about the wonderful courses that we have played and anxiously awaiting those that remain.
In the clubhouse, you can hear the constant chatter whilst we enjoy each other’s company over some great food and wine discussing how we could have played better, or perhaps skiting on how well we have played, and of course, madly checking our positions on the betting card to calculate how to remain even at the end of the week.
Unfortunately, it is a very different world at present and the effect that COVID-19 is having on the entire world is something that most of us have never witnessed or experienced before. With the current necessary drastic measures in place and with the cooperation of all citizens of Australia we can only hope to return to some form of normality soon.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the current ACGA committee and those of Tasmania Chemists Golf Club for their efforts towards hosting ACGA2020. Your decisive action was indeed wise and although difficult to swallow it shows great strength of character.
As you are all aware, Queensland is the next host state to hold our carnival and it is normally customary to announce this at the closing dinner.
As this is not possible on this occasion, we have put together a short video for you as a bit of a teaser for 2021.
Enjoy…and stay safe and see you in Queensland for ACGA carnival 2021️‍♀️️‍♂️⛳️
Click here for more information ACGC 2021
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