Membership Eligibility:

  1. Pharmacists and partners of pharmacists
  2. Pharmacy students and partners of pharmacy students
  3. Locum pharmacists
  4. Persons in an industry directly associated with pharmacy, and partners of such persons eg suppliers, financiers, insurers

The following provisions apply:

  1. Persons and their partners leaving the pharmacy industry lose their right to membership. However they can retain their membership for the balance of the year (‘Year’ is a calendar year – Jan to Dec)
  2. Persons and their partners who have been members for at least 5 years and retire can continue their membership
  3. Life members and their partners have the right to continue membership at all times
  4. The WAPGC Committee have the authority to grant membership to non-eligible persons in cases of real benefit to the Club being demonstrated
  5. The Committee have the authority to refuse or terminate membership to any person. Such decision requiring a 75% majority of the Committee present



Our annual fee is $50. Click here for a 2019 registration form.

Usual Game fees:

  1. Members is $70 per game.
  2. Non-members is $90 per game.
  3. Pharmacy students is $30 per game.

Game fees may change depending on the course we are scheduled to play and whether dinner is included.

Annual subscriptions and games fees subject to change at discretion of WAPGC Committee.


Life Membership Policy:

  1. Any member of the WAPGC is entitled to nominate a person for life membership of WAPGC
  2. Nomination to be in writing to President or Secretary outlining reasons for nomination
  3. Nomination to be considered by WAPGC Committee within 90 days and approval requiring 2/3 majority vote
  4. The Committee not obliged to give reasons for its decision
  5. Nominee to have performed outstanding service as an office bearer or in some other capacity for 10 years
  6. Not withstanding the above, the Committee may grant life membership to any person it deems has contributed outstanding and exceptional service to WAPGC
  7. Life members are not required to pay membership subscriptions
  8. Life members have full voting rights


Handicap Policy:

As of 18th February 2014, the newly updated Golf Australia handicapping system will be used.

  1.  New players – players with an official AGU handicap start at that handicap
  2. For first game, non-AGU players are given a handicap at the discretion of the handicapper. As a guideline, Men maximum 27 and Ladies maximum 36. New players will not be eligible for major prizes/trophies at the first game, only ancillary prizes such as nearest the pin, longest drive, until they receive their WAPGC handicap (This rule also applies to accompanying guests of WAPGC members)
  3. Handicapper can adjust members handicap at his/her discretion
  4. Maximum handicap Men 36 and Ladies 45
  5. Handicap reduction done according to AGU rules: Except ladies to be reduced by 1, for every shot handicap is broken by until 36 then as normal. Except winner of an event whose handicap will be reduced by 1 stroke plus the normal reduction
  6. Handicap increased by 0.2 if outside CCR buffer zone
  7. All members to play off WAPGC handicap on club days
  8. Any member who has not played in a club event during the calendar year reverts to rules governing new players (see point 2 above)
  9. Members with AGU handicap 0-20, maximum difference between AGU and WAPGC handicap is 2. If AGU handicap 21-36, maximum difference is 3

The handicap rules exist to promote an enjoyable day for members and accompanying guests of varying golfing abilities.


Club Champion Awards Policy:

Championship divided into 3 grades:

  1. Men’s A Grade (Handicap 1-20)
  2. Men’s B Grade (Handicap 21-36)
  3. Ladies

Highest aggregate score from the best 4 games played during the year

In the event of a tie, the 5th best game is counted, if still a tie then 6th, 7th etc…

If a person does not have a 5th game they are deemed ineligible for the tie count